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Friday, June 9th 2017

Vinicio Capossela and Cabo San Roque will open the 29th edition of the Mercat Música Viva Vic

The Atlàntida auditorium will host again the professional activity, which starts on Wednesday, September 13th and lasts until Saturday at noon

The public programmers will be part of the essence of a MMVV that it is an important hub for public musical contracting of the State

This year, more than the 20% of the program is composed of international artists, with a special presence of Italian musicians

Núria Graham, Christina Rosenvinge, Xarim Aresté, The Unfinished Sympathy, The Gramophone Allstars Big Band, Xavier Baró and Dani Nel·lo, among others, will release new material in the Mercat

Maria Rodés will present in the Atlàntida auditorium the winning project of the Puig-Porret 2016 Prize, the best economically endowed award of music in Catalonia


The Mercat de Música Viva de Vic (MMVV) has presented the program for its 29th edition, where up to sixty artists from all over the world will perform their works, and a third of them will present new releases and premieres. For the second year in a row, the MMVV concentrates all its professional activity in the Atlàntida, after the good feedback by professionals and also general public of the transfer from the fairground of El Sucre.


Therefore, the strictly professional activity will start on Wednesday, September 13th and will end on Saturday 16th at noon, while the festival will continue until Sunday 17th, reserving, as always, the most popular proposals for Plaça Major and Sucre mass spaces. Nevertheless, the MMVV's commitment to reach as many people as possible the whole of its programming is renewed for another year: the tickets for the paying concerts are kept at a single price of 3€ for the general public, and on Wednesday 13th all the concerts will have free access.

  An ecclectic and unrestricted programming

The MMVV is committed to a diverse and unrestricted artistic programming that combines both emergency and commerciality to serve the needs of public and private programmers. This confidence in an as wide as possible variety of styles, without forgetting the most transversal and peripheral proposals, remains the hallmark of the MMVV. An MMVV that offers the best of festivals in the framework of a market. The service vocation to the professionals of the programming is the reason for the market to reduce the number of concerts to no more than sixty, as far as possible to adjust it to the number of programmers and to their ability to attend concerts.

This year, the MMVV has artists from Norway, the United States, the United Kingdom, Cuba, Venezuela, Portugal, France and especially from Italy, giving continuity to the professional conferences held in May, that were dedicated to this country. In addition, it continues to be a launching pad for the productions of other autonomous communities and one of the main markets that assume this function in the State.

Next Thursday, September 14th, the Italian artist Vinicio Capossela and the Catalans ones Cabo San Roque will be in charge of the inaugural show of the 29th MMVV on the stage of the Atlàntida Theatre: a review of the repertoire of Capossela with the machinery of the Catalans.

After more than 10 years of friendship and mutual admiration, and of different collaborations in albums and concerts (as in the Temporada Alta Festival), they will perform on the Atlàntida stage with much of the sound machines built by Cabo San Roque, to play, thresh and choose songs from Vinicio Capossela's 25-year career, and they will bring us some other surprise for the occasion. They will be joined by Asso Stefana, the guitarist that plays with Vinicio Capossela, PJ Harvey and Guano Padano.

There will also be new works presented by Christina Rosenvinge, Núria Graham, The Unfinished Sympathy, The Gramophone Allstars Big Band, Xarim Aresté, Xavier Baró, Dani Nel·lo, Oriol Roca, Saïm, Mueveloreina, Tu recuerdo y yo and Sara Terraza.

Of all the total of groups and artists confirmed in June 2017, the 44.4% have a female presence. In terms of location, the 50.8% of the Mercat's programming is made up of Catalan artists, while those from other autonomous communities are about a quarter of the total with names such as Amorante, Alberto Montero, Guadi Galego, Izaro, Jansky or Sandra Bernardo.

In the section of international artists, this year we will be able to listen to the multinational band Ephemerals; the Norwegian artist, Albert af Ekestam; the Venezuelans, La Vida Bohème; the Portuguese, Memória de Peixe; the British, Mamas Gun; the American, Max Garcia Conover; the French-Cuban, La Dame Blanche; the French, Mo 'Kalamity, and, coming from Italy: Bruno Belissimo, Espana Circo Este, Fabrizio Cammarata, Gli Sportivi or Talco.

The Plaça Major will host on Friday the solo presentation of Dolo, Ramon Mirabet and Muchachito. The next day we will count on live with Pavvla, La Iaia and Senior i el Cor Lomax. The stage of Sucre’s will count on the first day with the music of Zoo and Talco, while on Saturday 16th we will have Josef, Txarango and Doctor Prats’ concerts.


Premiere of Maria Rodés, 2016 Puig-Porret’s Prize

The musical project of Maria Rodés, winner of the 2016 Puig-Porret’s Prize, will be premiered on Wednesday September the 13th at the Auditori l'Atlàntida, which has crystallized on an album recorded and produced by four pairs of hands with Juan Berbín, Josep Maria Baldomà and Nico Roig, and that will see the light next September.

The show revolves around Lluís Rodés - great-granduncle of the composer, astronomer, meteorologist and director of the Ebro Observatory between 1920 and 1939 - and it is supported by the Democratic Memorial, the art center "Lo Pati" and the Observatory of Ebro. It will recreate the course of one night through a repertoire of songs and musical landscapes inspired by the life and work of the astronomer, where the lighting work will play a prominent role.


The Mercat’s Stages

The Mercat's stages are nine: Plaça Major, Sucre, Plaça Màrtirs, (with free programming), Teatro Atlàntida, Auditorio Atlàntida, Carpa Roja, Carpa Negra, Jazz Cava and Pasternak (with paid ticket or credentials).

The concert hall Pasternak and the Màrtirs Square are again official Mercat stages: the first, will close the nights from Wednesday to Friday with the last concerts of the professionals, followed by the MVm Club and the second, the OFF schedule, which this year is run by the Casas de la Música, the ESMUC, and the Sona 9 competition, which will hold one of the semi-finals and the VicSona contest, which will host the final.


The Atlàntida auditorium, music and business in the frame of the MMVV

According to the data collected by the Study about the economic impact and quality conducted by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, the most valued things by the professionals participating in the last edition of the MMVV have been the change of location to the Atlàntida and the earlier start of the concerts. The good acceptance of the change of model proposed in the last edition is evidenced in the average score that the professionals give to the MMVV, which rises regarding the edition of 2015.



1.    The change of location to the Atlàntida

2.    The earlier start of the concerts



8.07 Average score from the professionals


This year, the professional activity returns to Atlàntida from Wednesday to Saturday at noon in morning and afternoon sessions. In addition to the business meetings of the MMVV, we have scheduled the 2nd Conferences of Municipal Programmers, the meeting of the Music and International commissions of La Red, the meeting between national music live venues (ACCES) and international live music venues (DMA/Live), the meeting for directors of international music festivals with the aim of forming an association and the annual assembly of the Association of Women of the Music Industry, founded in the MMVV’s 2016 edition.

Besides, the MMVV will host the presentation of a platform for promoting trade fairs in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Valencia with the Fira B!, the Fira Mediterrània and Trovam.


Two days of sessions with public programmers

In 2017 the meetings with municipal programmers of music and scenic spaces return with the aim of putting in contact managers and representatives with the public purchasers. This model of meeting will take place on Wednesday and Thursday: the first day will be focused on Catalan proposals and its circulation in Catalan territory, and the second one deals with proposals from different autonomous communities aimed at exhibiting in Spanish territory.

On Friday, following closely the sessions of access to international markets held each May since last four years, we will focus on Italy with the presence of Italian artists and professionals.

The professional conferences are structured in morning and afternoon sessions with showcases and presentations before lunch and sectorial speedmeetings during all afternoon, until the start of programming in the different payment scenarios.

  Budget and economic impact

As the provisional data indicate, the 2016 edition - with an economic impact of 3M € - has generated more contracts and performances in the four days of Mercat thanks to the presence of assistants with more buying and selling capacity.



271 signed contracts          2.5 concerts by contract (2016)

210 signed contracts          1.3 concerts by contract (2015)



Buying and selling capacity 43.285.232€

162.831€ buyers

37.432.236€ sellers


The Budget for 2017 is 816.900€ distributed as follows:


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