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ZULU 9.30

ZULÚ 9.30 is synonymous of show, dance, participation and partying, making the public vibrate and infecting them with a spectacular staging and their noteworthy positive energy on the stage. Without losing sight of an accurate musical proposition; in constant evolution, experimenting day by day, performance after performance, to keep on forging their distinctive stamp. The tribe continues growing and increasing expectation with these Huellas (“tracks”) they have already started to leave, and will continue to according to what emerges from the filled agenda of performances, especially, even though they will do it above all to follow their own musical anxieties, that path they started one day and that more and more people choose. Welcome to the 9.30 style!


name: ZULU 9.30

Oski-Jah man: voice
Kodi: electric guitar, chorus
Blion Zion: acustic guitar, chorus
Bernat Guardia: bass
Iñaki Ezcurra: keyboards
Nando Picó: saxo
Sergio Contreras: trumpet
Ala de Sousa: percussion
Edmilton Moreira: drums


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