Ever since they débuted in 2013, the word promise tends to appear at some point or another in conversations about DA SOUZA. After publishing Futbol d’avantguarda, however, more or less everyone began to see in the Majorcans one of the most futuristic bands of the Islands, an intuition corroborated by the Enderrock Prize of Balearic Music for best album according to critics and the Ciutat de Palma de música. Their new work, to be published in early 2020, once again promises surprises in both sound and approach. After all, over the years, the group has felt increasingly free and safe to carry out any idea going through their heads, always with impeccable taste, an extraordinary talent for melody and their usual touches from local custom and surrealist humour, a characteristic trait that makes them at once both human and colossal.


stage: Jazz Cava  (Limited capacity: 80 people)
day: September 19th 2019
hour: 20h00
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name: DA SOUZA
genre: Pop

Managment i discography:


(Joan Cabot)

Reina Maria Cristina, 21, 6

07004 Palma - Illes Balears

Tel. (+34) 610 449 403


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